Leonie's speaker sessions primarily focus on delivering actionable insights that attendees can immediately apply to their current situations. At the end of her presentations, she empowers participants to:

  • Take massive action
  • Be determined
  • Embrace the process
  • Maintain accountability

As a speaker, Leonie is highly attuned to the requirements for making a lasting impact, empowering and motivating individuals to assume responsibility for their own lives.


Personal development & productivity

Embrace Imperfection & Run With It.
Discover the tools and strategies to liberate yourself from the grip of perfectionism and achieve your own action plan to reduce risk of becoming the best liar. Join us for a powerful and liberating journey towards self-acceptance.

Perfectionism - The Quickest Way To Becoming The Best Liar

talk four

Craft a Transformational Services That BANGS!
Introducing Your Special Sauce, a proven, repeatable strategy for designing an educational service that not only transforms your business but also leaves a lasting impact of change. 

Elevate Your Services - With Your Special Sauce 

TALK three

Uncover your blindspots and Transform Through Self-Investment. 
Explore the five paths of self-investment that lead to peak performance and take control of your personal and professional growth. Join us for a deep dive into the inner work necessary for success and unleash your true potential.

The Inner Work That IS Required

TALK two

Join us on a transformative journey as we delve into the topic of "Move Through Resistance & The Sticky Cycle." Discover powerful strategies to conquer self-doubt, tap into your untapped potential, and achieve greater productivity. Break free from the cycle of resistance and embark on a path towards personal and professional success.

Move Through Resistance & The Sticky Cycle

talk one

Keynote Details

From annual conferences to sporadic celebratory events and podcasts, attendees seek to feel engaged and leave inspired and my goal is to fulfil that expectation! I’m ready to deliver a bespoke keynote (based on the keynotes here) that truly SPEAKS to your audience according to their needs and interests.

I develop and craft every keynote to create a transformational experience for each client. My services include one-on-one and group coaching and training

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Leonie Worrell is a London-based Accredited Personal Performance Coach, Programme Strategist, and aspiring speaker who connects with audiences by sharing relatable experiences as a wife and mum of twins, addressing the challenges of time management, life integration, and productivity.

Leonie's engaging talks are designed to reignite passion and provide practical takeaways that attendees can put into practice right away. With a unique background in the fashion industry as an ex Savile Row Apprentice and expertise in business transformation at a unicorn EdTech company, she offers a fresh perspective and authentic insights.

Dedicated to delivering presentations virtually or in person, Leonie's aim is to help audiences break free from perfectionism, embrace their unique strengths, and seize life's opportunities. She is committed to creating memorable events that inspire attendees to take action, dream big, and take ownership of their lives.

Her approach to coaching and speaking is centred on empathy and intellectual diversity, fostering a supportive environment for personal growth and challenging conversations. As a voice of influence, Leonie is passionate about motivating, inspiring, and guiding others on their journey to success.